Apr 5 • 1HR 8M

Ep. 18: The Best of Bav - On Worship, with Rudy Manrique

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Once for All Delivered
Andrew Smyth
Caleb Castro
"Contend for the faith once for all delivered." God's Word is not silent, and we don't have to be either. On Once for All Delivered, hosts Caleb Castro and Andrew Smyth explore biblical, confessional, Reformed theology and apply it to life in today's world.
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With pure unmitigated craziness coming in the month of April, we are diving into the back catalog of Bavcast for The Best of Bav, a mini-series looking back at some of our best work on Bavcast from 2020-2022. In the summer of 2020, we sat down with our friend Rudy Manrique to talk about worship.

Rudy is now planting a church in Riverside, CA. Message him at https://www.instagram.com/the_shepherds_church to learn more.