Nov 10, 2020 • 26M

Bavcast Episode 30: Bavinck On: America with Dr. James Eglinton, Part 2

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Once for All Delivered
"Contend for the faith once for all delivered." God's Word is not silent, and we don't have to be either. On Once for All Delivered, hosts Caleb Castro and Andrew Smyth explore biblical, confessional, Reformed theology and apply it to life in today's world.
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Caleb and Andrew continue their interview with Dr. James Eglinton, Meldrum Senior Lecturer in Reformed Theology at the University of Edinburgh. What kind of (Neo-)Calvinism was Bavinck seeking to bring to America? What did Bavinck think of American education? What was his relationship with American Presbyterianism? What was the difference between “Reformed” and “Calvinistic” for Bavinck? How might Bavinck have viewed the “Young, Restless, and Reformed” movement? Why should YOU read Bavinck?

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