“Contend earnestly for the faith which was once for all delivered to the saints.” (Jude 3b)

Once for All Delivered is a podcast seeking to apply God’s Word to all of life. We tackle issues of theology and culture (just about) weekly.

OFAD launched as Bavcast at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, a weekly show exploring Reformed theology through the works of Herman Bavinck. Originally the show had three hosts (Caleb, Andrew, and Marc Scaturro, now an OPC minister). Marc departed in the summer of 2020 to focus on family and church responsibilities. Andrew’s wife Heidi began assisting with production around that time. Seeking to broaden its focus and cover a broader range of topics, the show rebranded as Once for All Delivered in the fall of 2022.

Our Hosts

Caleb Castro is the pastor at Rock Valley United Reformed Church in Rock Valley, Iowa. He is a 2022 graduate of Mid-America Reformed Seminary.

Andrew Smyth is the pastor of Westminster Orthodox Presbyterian Church in Hamill, South Dakota (population 11). He has been married to Heidi since 2016, and together they handle the technical/production side of OFAD. He is a 2021 graduate of Westminster Seminary California. He previously studied business and worked in finance and state government.

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"Contend for the faith once for all delivered"


"Contend for the faith once for all delivered." God's Word is not silent, and we don't have to be either. Hosts Caleb Castro and Andrew Smyth explore biblical, confessional, Reformed theology and apply it to life in today's world.
Caleb serves as Minister of the Word and Sacrament at Rock Valley United Reformed Church in Rock Valley, IA. He is a graduate of Mid-America Reformed Seminary and the co-host of Once For All Delivered Podcast with Rev. Andrew Smyth.
Andrew is pastor of Westminster Orthodox Presbyterian Church in Hamill, SD and the co-host (with Caleb Castro) and co-producer (with his wife, Heidi) of the Once for All Delivered podcast.