Sitemap - 2023 - Once for All Delivered

Letter to Ed Seidel, President of the University of Wyoming

Ep. 34: They Tried That in a Small Town

Show Postponed to Friday at 2:00 PM Central

Ep. 33: Comparing Catechisms - Saving Faith

Bonus: We (Real) Talk Way Too Much About Ourselves

Ep. 32: The Trouble with Seminary Accreditation

Ep. 31: In the Beginning: Listening to Genesis 1 and 2 (with Dr. Cornelis Van Dam)

New Episode Thursday! In the Beginning: A Discussion of Genesis 1 and 2 with Dr. Cornelis Van Dam

Ep. 30: Why the God-Man? Part 2

Ep. 29: Comparing Catechisms: Why the God-Man? Part 1

Ep. 28: Comparing Catechisms: What Sin Demands, Part II

Ep. 27: Climate Change: Conservation or Cult? Part 2

Ep. 26: Climate Change: Conservation or Cult? Part 1

Comparing Catechisms - What Sin Requires, Part 1

Ep. 24: Pride and the Myth of Neutrality

Livestream Tonight! Pride and the Myth of Neutrality

Andrew on Kingdom Polemics: Kline vs. the Confessions

Ep. 23: Artificial Intelligence?

Livestream Tonight! Artificial Intelligence?

No Episode This Week

Ep. 22: Comparing Catechisms, Part 5 - Sin and Misery

Livestream Thursday! More "Comparing Catechisms"

Ep. 21: The Law of God and the Transgender Crisis

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Ep. 20: The Rest of Bav - The Kingdom of God, the Highest Good

Ep. 19: The Best of Bav - On Beauty and Aesthetics, with Dr. Alan Strange

Ep. 18: The Best of Bav - On Worship, with Rudy Manrique

On R. Scott Clark and "Cases Extraordinary"

Ep. 17: Comparing Catechisms, Part 4

Ep. 16: Comparing Catechisms, Part 3

Bonus Episode: Three Stories and a Worldview

Ep. 15: The Christian and Culture X: Sphere Sovereignty (2)

Ep. 14: The Christian and Culture IX: Sphere Sovereignty (1)

Ep. 13: Comparing Catechisms, Part 2

Ep. 12: Comparing Catechisms, Part 1

Ep. 11: The Devil Went Down to Hollywood

We Will Be Attempting Our First Live Show

Ep. 10: Christian Media with Faith to Film, Part 2

Ep. 9: Christian Media with Faith to Film, Part 1

Ep. 8: The Christian and Culture VIII: Escondido (?) Two Kingdoms

Ep. 7: The Christian and Culture VII: Theonomy?

Ep. 6: The Christian and Culture VI: Church and State - Scriptural Texts

Reformed Seminaries took Millions in Federal COVID-19 Aid